HB Next has been providing Telecommunication services for 6+ years. We specialize in WIFI, Integrated DAS Systems, and 5G Small Cell Antenna installations. HB NEXT has performed installation services at State Farm Arena, Ft. Benning, Faena Hotel South Beach, and various other large venue sites. HB NEXT has the personnel expertise to pull Coaxial cable to full construction of the project Head End to terminating fiber.

Telecommunication Services Offered-

  • Cellular DAS installations (Including 5G)
  • Small Cell
  • Wireless Integrations
  • RFID Installations
  • Wi-Fi/RFID site surveys
  • Wi-Fi Installations
  • Radio Wave Propagation Studies
  • Wireless Hardware Configuration
  • Head End Construction
  • Fiber Termination

Wi-Fi Site Surveys-

HB NEXT’s professional tech will perform a walk around at your desired location and perform a speed test of the existing wireless network. The tech will provide the results to our in house consultant that will provide recommendations to enhance your wireless network.

DAS SYSTEM Installation-

HB Next works with potential customers and their IT team to personalize Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to improve their businesses Wi-Fi coverage. Installing the properly designed DAS System will ensure that there are little to no interruptions while working or streaming.


Much like DAS, small cell wireless solutions help fill a void within Cellular network connections. HB NEXT is working with Georgia Power Corporation during their small cell antenna deployment.

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