Over time, substation contents (transformers, breakers, voltage regulators etc.) change due to equipment failures, equipment being changed out and equipment added for load capacity increases. As a result of these changes, the As-Built Drawing for the substation does not get updated, and when crews work on the substation, the drawings are out of compliance.

When was your last substation as-built audits?

HB NEXT provides qualified technicians to visually inspect power utility substations and to markup existing As-Built Drawings for the power company. Once the engineers update the drawings, HB NEXT will return them to the substation.

Our crews have over 200 years of utility work experience and are specifically trained in utility service regulations, maintenance and management. HB NEXT understands the challenges utility companies face when trying to keep current records, manage inventory and maintenance aimed at keeping operating costs down.

Trusted by the top national and local power companies, HB NEXT provides quality services for their systems. Take advantage of our expertise, and let HB NEXT Energy Solutions support your company in the area of utility services. Contact us today.