HB NEXT is one of the nation’s best metering service providers to utility clients and 3rd party utility support companies. HB NEXT Meter Testing services capture the maximum revenue per meter installed. Two person technician teams test transformer-rated meters and meter installations at customer sites to verify the accuracy of the meter for revenue reports, documenting itemized results and repairing metering problems as specified below.

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Meter Testing Services

  • Single poly-phase meter test and calibration
  • 3 Phase CT Complete “Ratio/Burden” Testing
  • Associated wiring and connection inspection
  • CT nameplate verification
  • Voltage transformer secondary voltage recording
  • Computerized meter test results form (per meter)
  • Computerized CT test results form (per site)
  • Electronic documented descriptions of problems found
  • Visual inspection of all metering equipment
  • Meter test and calibration
  • Current transformer test
  • Customized revenue site results reporting
  • Site inventory
  • Current diversion inspection
  • Single phase meter test

Smart Meter Deployments

HB NEXT provides Smart Meter Deployment services to utilities of all sizes. If you have any plans to deploy an AMI network or you have one in place, HB NEXT can help. Whether you are considering a small pilot or a system-wide AMI deployment, HB NEXT experts are here to help.

Did you know that HB NEXT employees were part of the team that performed the smart meter deployment for one of the largest Utilities in the state of Georgia? This project consisted of 5 million AMI meters. 

Meter Audits

HB NEXT Meter Audit Team technicians visually inspect meters located on business and residential sites to check for tampering issues and hazards. Technicians inspect the meters, verify the meter model and serial number, get the reading, check the seal and other custom requested items for your audit. HB NEXT can design a custom Meter Audit Program to fit your needs including AMI Smart Meter Installation, Meter Maintenance and Audits.

Meter Repair

Do you have customer meters that have a broken display? Do you have meters that are not working properly? HB NEXT meter experts can repair meters for a fraction of the cost of a new meter. Meter repair services include the diagnostic of the damaged meter and repair. All meters are tested and calibrated before returning to clients.

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