Are you looking to reduce electricity demand during peak hours? Ask HB NEXT Load Management Services to assist your company. HB NEXT works with power companies across the U.S.  helping them with their load management installation and maintenance. HB NEXT offers top quality services, which have been trusted by power companies since 1999.

Load Switch Installation Program

Do you know what the value of a Load Management Switch Program is worth? Although the economic analysis is sometimes very complex, in simple terms the average AC unit, based on size and SEER rating, is about a 3kW load. Then determine how much a 1kW reduction in peak demand is worth based on the demand factor during peak. This simple calculation should give you an idea of the savings that you could bring to your company. Ask HB NEXT to give your program a complimentary review.

Load Switch Maintenance

Load Management Programs need to be maintained. HB NEXT performs annual inspections on each switch, installs new switches if they are not working, and provides electronic data on each device.

HB NEXT utilizes a Utility Version of  Sequence℠ to manage the entire process. This includes capturing “as found” and “as left” switch data, taking photos (meter, switch, wiring) and recording the details of each site installation and maintenance visit.

Another HB NEXT success story – Sequence™ was instrumental is reducing the amount of reconciliation time for Sawnee EMC. Their reconciliation time dropped from several months to just a few days. This allows management to receive proper data quickly and allows personnel to move on to other projects.

Contact HB NEXT Energy Solutions for more information about your Load Management issues.